Have a rock and roll wedding If you can imagine yourself walking down the aisle to coldplay's"Yellow"Or dancing with your husband for the first time to the police's"Every little thing she does is magic", then you might want to consider having a rock themed wedding.If you and your fiance are into rock music, a rock and roll wedding http://www.jb3.co.uk/cocktail-dress.html is the perfect way to celebrate your special day. Did i pique your interest, rocker Graduation Dresses 2014 brides and grooms?Please read on because i will show you how to incorporate a rock theme into your special day. The genre of rock and roll is very broad and can refer to so many types of rock music so i have chosen to base this guide on contemporary rock music, bordering on alternative rock, since this is what i'm familiar with. Image credit:Rock 'n' roll save the date card by blueplanet Here's a mood board of what i think makes up an alternative rock wedding.I mixed a lot of blacks with white black trim on the cake, black lace, black accessories.I also envision an eclectic mix of casual and formal elements for both the bride and groom and the wedding paraphernalia.For instance, the groom and groomsmen can wear streamlined black suits with.The bride can wear faux jewelry and vintage accessories with her couture gown.I will talk more about this later into this guide. Of course this is just my vision.Feel free to head over to polyvore to create your own rock and roll wedding mood board. I think a wedding is meant to show personality and the love of the couple.Not just be the same old song and dance.Most weddings are cookie cutter and dull as all hell.Its the same stuff with 2 different people.Do not be afraid to express yourself. British band frontman gavin rossdale and 's vocalist gwen stefani easily come to mind when you hear the phrase"Rock and roll couple".They are one of the most glamorous and stylishly innovative musician pairs too gwen's pink tinged john galliano wedding gown made waves in the media in 2002 way back when colored wedding gowns were almost unheard of. Keeping their rockstar wedding in mind, we can deduce that a rock and roll wedding just like the music that inspired it bends and breaks some traditional rules without compromising the reason for the occasion. It's fairly easy to style a groom in rock and roll fashion, just look to your favorite rock musicians for reference.If your groom has longish hair, then he's already halfway there!If not, the rockstar groom look is still pretty simple to pull off.The trick is to choose a classic suit, but with a twist.That twist can come in the form of an unusual suit structure, a different color, a bold pattern or the addition of unexpected details. Think, one of the most stylish rockers around. Your rocker groom will look Bridesmaid Dresses UK dapper in the etro mens suit with a stripe pattern pictured below.Ask him to pair it with a crisp shirt in your color motif, a tie with a bold pattern, and classic leather shoes and you're both well on your way to rocking the altar. The inspiration for this outfit is 's chris martin, gwyneth paltrow's rockstar husband.His laidback rocker style is the perfect look for a less formal rock and roll wedding. For this look, your groom can wear a fitted jacket, like the versace suit jacket pictured below.The zipper pocket closures make it more edgy than the usual suit jacket.He can wear it with suit pants and sneakers yes, sneakers to a wedding!What can be more rock and roll than that?The paul smith check pants and prada sneakers, also pictured below, are good examples to base your picks on since they're dressy enough to wear to a wedding yet hip enough to be worn by a rock star onstage. Tip:If your groom is wearing sneakers to a wedding, it would be best to have his groomsmen wear sneakers too.This is so that your groom won't appear dressed down compared to them. Designing a rocker wedding is fun!You can use a black and white theme as your main color motif, then add a bold color accent red in this case to create contrast. Keep in mind that you need not follow conventional wedding rules so if you want to go all out, you have creative license to do so.For instance, you can opt not to use flowers for your table centerpieces and go with a dramatic arrangement of candles instead.You can also hang concert posters of your favorite musicians all over the place.The important thing is to make it personal and significant to both of you. For this theme, naturally, the most fun aspect to plan will be your rock and roll wedding soundtrack.After all, isn't your love for rock music what inspired you to come up with this motif? Guidelines in choosing music to play at your wedding: 1.March down the aisle to a rock love song. 2.Choose rock and great deals on Prom Dresses UK roll wedding songs that are significant to the two of you as a couple. 3.Play quieter, more solemn rock songs at the ceremony and then go wild with the selections for the reception. 4.Remember that it's always best to keep within a library of tracks with kid safe or"General patronage"Lyrics when there are children around.